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See the beautiful blue bee thief …

See the beautiful blue bee thief …

Of the approximately 20,000 species of bee which is universally known, the “bee thief” is certainly the most beautiful.
Bees those belonging to the genus Thyreus will fascinate you when you see the blue shades.

However, their beauty hides a deadly secret.
Females of these bees are kleptomaniacs.
That steal food and shelter from other bees.
Bees thieves do not collect pollen.
Instead of visiting the flowers prefer to roam around them, watching the honey bees that seek to steal or take ownership of the hive other bees.
And succeed on this easily.

When the thief finds a bee hive of choice, which is owned in common bees, penetrates it and lays its eggs there.
When the larvae hatch, the first thing they do is eat eggs belonging to common bees.
Then fed the pollen is stored in the combs.

In some ways they behave like the cuckoo bird.

Naturally these bees do not build nests and energy to have to hunt for loot.

Indeed it is not the only type of bees that have this behavior, but is better known.
This type usually occurs in areas of Oceania and Asia, and it is interesting that they have up to 13% of the global population of bees.



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